E11: Claiming your crown

August 31, 2023
Hosted by Jessica Jones

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Episode Description

In this episode of Get Powered Up, host Jessica Jones interviews Danyel Nicole Black, the founder and CEO of Crown Me Foundation. Danyel shares her passion for service and empowering others to live healthier and more prosperous lives by helping them navigate various aspects of relationships in love, business, and day-to-day interactions. In addition, the episode emphasizes the importance of women and girls learning how to advocate for themselves and set boundaries with love and assertiveness. They discuss the tendency for women to suppress their own feelings and prioritize the feelings of others but emphasize that this is neither healthy nor sustainable. Instead, they encourage women and girls to be their own self-advocates. They also highlight the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who support our boundaries. They explain that healthy relationships involve individuals who respect and enforce our boundaries. They also discuss Danyel’s journey towards completing her Ph.D. in education and leadership, what keeps teachers motivated, and the absence of social courses in school curriculums, specifically focusing on the lack of education on how to be human, express emotions, and connect with others. Tune in to learn more about the mission of the Crown Me Foundation and the positive impact it is making in the lives of women and girls.

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